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Jan. 3rd, 2009




In Queens: An Exotic Melting Pot, and a Closed Book

More white liberal bullshit non-news from the New York Times. It's basically about one white dude's foray among the inscrutable, colorful natives.

Dec. 28th, 2008

grim looking grim;


Reading is Fundamental

*This mod post is for folks requesting to join this community, not it's current members who are all wonderful and help stop me from killing people on a daily basis.

Jesus Christ, people.

It says in great big bold letters at the top of the community information page that we are not currently accepting new members to this community.

-PM'ing the moderators will not get you in. Private messages sent to me regarding membership to this community are automatically denied and deleted because we are not accepting new members at this time.

-Sending me attitude-filled, irate, smart-assed emails will not get you in. Why? Because we are not accepting new members at this time.

Maybe this is my fault. I mistakenly assumed that people would actually read our community information page. But holy shit, Batman, was I wrong. This note has been at the top of our community information page in big bold black letters since September 2008 and folks have either completely ignored it or somehow think it doesn't apply to them.

Let me say it again: We are not accepting new members at this time. Regardless of race: We are not accepting new members at this time. Regardless of if you were a previous member at some point and time: We are not accepting new members at this time. Regardless of if you finally wised up to your racist friends and removed them from your journal/life: WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS AT THIS TIME.

And if you want to know when we will finally be accepting new members in the New Year?

Read the community info page.

That's right. Read it. I dare you too! *smh*

Sep. 13th, 2008

little miss militant



This post will remain public so that everyone can see it. New rules will be added as they come. Suggestions welcome, but comments are screened for your safety.

last updated 13 September 2008

1. No trolling personal journals. At all. This isn't limited to posting insults or dirty pictures; I mean don't go over to people's personal journals and start ANY kind of discussion whatsoever, period. Doing so will result in immediate banning.

2. Related to the above: no linking to posts made in personal journals. It's just asking for trouble because some people can't control themselves and others don't want to.

3. Do not post snarks of material from locked posts in communities -- no quotes, no screencaps. Recent developments in other communities suggest that doing this will get LJ Abuse up our asses. If you post something from an open entry that later gets locked, you're fine. Screencaps of deleted posts are also fine.

4. Acceptable and unacceptable use of racially-charged language will be determined by the moderators. Language is difficult to police in a forum about race because many POC reclaim usage of words that are hurtful, so we will have to consider intent and context when making these decisions. If you have a problem with what someone says, please let us know in the Page-A-Mod thread and we will investigate the situation. But don't expect much sympathy if you get called a cracker. Oh, and white people don't get to say the n-word, so don't even try it.

5. We get a lot of white people applying to this community who want to lurk about and watch "the culluds". If you didn't know already, let me be the one to tell you: White people who lurk about communities of color are CREEPY AS FUCK. So if you are white person who was denied membership and can't understand why, you might want to read this carefully. The comfort of the PoC members of this community is our top priority - not satiating the curiosity of white people.

6. We are not a "teaching" community. On the community info page you will find a list of informational communities where white people are more than welcome to go and get news, information, and be "taught". THIS community is NOT that place. Asking for PoC in this community to teach you about racism is asking to be shown the door.

7. Above all, DRS is a safe space for PoC LJ users. DRS does not tolerate honkyshines inside or outside of this community; if you think you can be a member here and talk shit about People of Color and/or anti-racism/snit-oppression in other spaces because those spaces may be tolerant of such behavior, expect to be snarked here and possibly banned.

8. Moderators reserve the right to reject community membership for reasons including but not limited to: friends-only journal with no connection to PoC interests/communities, newly-created journal, no friends listed, inactive journal, known troll/racist friends, membership in racist communities, past drama creation in other communities, or not liking your face. If you get rejected and you think you shouldn't have been, screaming at us won't help, but a polite and courteous letter sent to mod.race.snark@gmail.com may very well make us reconsider. If a community member can vouch for you, that may also help.

Apr. 21st, 2008

movies | Impish Fräulein2


Better here than on S_F might (see: Meta-Race Stupid).

You may or may not have seen this deeply bizarre, yet hilariously goofy clip of some kid threatening to kill Dubya (first posted on worldstarhiphop.com):

The clip was deleted from politicsforum for violating the Pointless Wank-Baiting Drivel Clause. That didn't faze the OP ([info]archangel__7 ) though, who was only too happy to re-post it over at conservatism.

Race stupid ensues (naturally), courtesy of the usual suspects: [info]cdat1ad (click here), [info]mumbalo_jack (click here), and most absurdly, [info]heirtoruin (easily the dumbest sub-thread of all, thus far).

I'm only shocked that the rest of the Angry White Men Brigade™ have *YET* to comment.

Feel free to discuss the weirdness of the clip itself, although personally, I don't find it relevant to race issues, let alone race snark.

Feb. 4th, 2008

Black Rosie


MOD POST: Dear Internets,

A lot of new people have applied for this community in the past few days. Most of them have been denied. There are any number of reasons why you may not have been admitted. When someone requests membership, we review their journal. If I look at your interests, your communities, your latest posts, your tags and your icons but nothing mentions racial issues, you were probably denied. Why? Because if being a vegan/dog lover/Yugi-Oh fan is important enough for you to mention with a large blinkie banner but race doesn't get a mention, this probably isn't the place for you. Being the friend of a current member is not enough. Being a feminist or some other type of "progressive" is not enough. Your journal is how you present yourself to the internet and I should have some idea based off of it that you give a damn about racial issues.

There was a recent influx of trolls trying to get into the community so we pretty much blocked everyone and say, "Fuck it!" If you were denied membership but you don't feel it was just, feel free to try again.

Bottom line: This is a community of people to laugh about racism with people who understand why it's funny. This is not Racism 101. We don't have time for hand holding or trolls. Also, the mods are bitches who hate white people and Jesus.

Jun. 9th, 2005



Welcome to the grand opening of dot_race_snark!

They follow us through online communities. They add our journals. They call us names. They sit behind us on the bus. They are our bosses, our teachers, and sometimes our "friends". They try to fuck us while drunk because "You're different than the other ones". They keep us from high paying jobs. They are always ready to explain why they understand racism better than victims of it. Some are obvious with hoods and banners. Some will die before admitting it because they think they are liberal. But experience and practice has taught us how to sniff them out.

Idiot racists.

They are everywhere. What is a fine, upstanding, liberal minded person to do? Rant and mock them. It's the American way.

Happy mocking, everyone.