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ladypolitik in dot_race_snark

Better here than on S_F might (see: Meta-Race Stupid).

You may or may not have seen this deeply bizarre, yet hilariously goofy clip of some kid threatening to kill Dubya (first posted on worldstarhiphop.com):

The clip was deleted from politicsforum for violating the Pointless Wank-Baiting Drivel Clause. That didn't faze the OP ([info]archangel__7 ) though, who was only too happy to re-post it over at conservatism.

Race stupid ensues (naturally), courtesy of the usual suspects: [info]cdat1ad (click here), [info]mumbalo_jack (click here), and most absurdly, [info]heirtoruin (easily the dumbest sub-thread of all, thus far).

I'm only shocked that the rest of the Angry White Men Brigade™ have *YET* to comment.

Feel free to discuss the weirdness of the clip itself, although personally, I don't find it relevant to race issues, let alone race snark.


between heirtoruin (btw, appropriate name much?) and that archangel ass-hat, I'm now convinced the whole world's gone straight to whatever hell exists.
Don't forget the brown and yellow handbasket that the world is getting carried in!

Edited at 2008-04-22 06:17 am (UTC)
1) I fully agree.

2) LOL@"appropriate name". Yes, indeed.
Oh, jeez. Yeah, I knew of Glock Talk before I joined LJ. I kinda wish I never discovered it.
Yeah. Although with time he bothered me "less", because is whole shtick is "Im Gonna Say Something REALLY Un-PC because it's SUCH an original approach to EDGINESS!!". Booooring.

It's the other assholes I'm always suspicious of, because they try harder to conceal the fact that they're political trolls.
...Annnnnnnd, speak of the devil!
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