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little miss militant

shadowfae in dot_race_snark


This post will remain public so that everyone can see it. New rules will be added as they come. Suggestions welcome, but comments are screened for your safety.

last updated 13 September 2008

1. No trolling personal journals. At all. This isn't limited to posting insults or dirty pictures; I mean don't go over to people's personal journals and start ANY kind of discussion whatsoever, period. Doing so will result in immediate banning.

2. Related to the above: no linking to posts made in personal journals. It's just asking for trouble because some people can't control themselves and others don't want to.

3. Do not post snarks of material from locked posts in communities -- no quotes, no screencaps. Recent developments in other communities suggest that doing this will get LJ Abuse up our asses. If you post something from an open entry that later gets locked, you're fine. Screencaps of deleted posts are also fine.

4. Acceptable and unacceptable use of racially-charged language will be determined by the moderators. Language is difficult to police in a forum about race because many POC reclaim usage of words that are hurtful, so we will have to consider intent and context when making these decisions. If you have a problem with what someone says, please let us know in the Page-A-Mod thread and we will investigate the situation. But don't expect much sympathy if you get called a cracker. Oh, and white people don't get to say the n-word, so don't even try it.

5. We get a lot of white people applying to this community who want to lurk about and watch "the culluds". If you didn't know already, let me be the one to tell you: White people who lurk about communities of color are CREEPY AS FUCK. So if you are white person who was denied membership and can't understand why, you might want to read this carefully. The comfort of the PoC members of this community is our top priority - not satiating the curiosity of white people.

6. We are not a "teaching" community. On the community info page you will find a list of informational communities where white people are more than welcome to go and get news, information, and be "taught". THIS community is NOT that place. Asking for PoC in this community to teach you about racism is asking to be shown the door.

7. Above all, DRS is a safe space for PoC LJ users. DRS does not tolerate honkyshines inside or outside of this community; if you think you can be a member here and talk shit about People of Color and/or anti-racism/snit-oppression in other spaces because those spaces may be tolerant of such behavior, expect to be snarked here and possibly banned.

8. Moderators reserve the right to reject community membership for reasons including but not limited to: friends-only journal with no connection to PoC interests/communities, newly-created journal, no friends listed, inactive journal, known troll/racist friends, membership in racist communities, past drama creation in other communities, or not liking your face. If you get rejected and you think you shouldn't have been, screaming at us won't help, but a polite and courteous letter sent to mod.race.snark@gmail.com may very well make us reconsider. If a community member can vouch for you, that may also help.


Re: personal journals. Is it permissible to link to our own journals? I've had some weapons-grade stupid crop up in my comments section from time to time.

(And welcome to modship! I got you an economy-size bottle of Excedrin!)
As long as it is your journal and you are doing the linking (and the exchange is within LJ's TOS), it should be fine.

And thank you for the welcome :)
Thanks for the clarification.
my black friends

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