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Clowning Racism
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*** Note: dot_race_snark has moderated membership. Please read *all* VITAL INFORMATION before attempting to join. ***

DOT RACE SNARK Vital Information
This is the place to make fun of people who think that racism is restricted to neo-Nazis and Klan members, who insist they're not racist but, who complain about "reverse racism" and "black privilege," and who are positive that the oppression of racial minorities is exactly comparable to that of white women, white gays, the Irish, and furries.

This is not the place to lecture us for our cruelty to poor little white girls, deny the existence of white privilege, defend yourself against charges of racism (well, go ahead on that, it's funny), encourage attacks on your sworn enemy's personal journal, or start pissy little bitchfights about abortion, welfare, or any other pet issue.

Your moderators are singsomelyrical and papertigers, both of whom reserve the right to ban anyone for any of the above offenses plus poor grammar, failing to be funny, or accidentally posting when they're having a bad day. This is not a democracy and your opinion has no value unless we say it does. If you don't like it, go cry to your Black friends. If there is an issue you need to alert us to within the community please use the PAGE-A-MOD thread.

If you apply for membership and are rejected, chances are it's because of one or more of the following:

you have a Friends Only journal (specifically an FO journal that is inactive and/or does not reflect any interest in POC issues or anti-racism);
you have no interests related to POC or anti-racism listed in your userinfo;
you are not active in any POC or anti-racism communities;
you have no mutual friends who are currently members of this or other POC/anti-racism communities;
you have interests that are/friends who are antagonistic to anti-racist ideology.

If you feel you were rejected in error, feel free to contact any of the mods via email at mod.race.snark@gmail.com to request reconsideration. Contacting the mods in their personal journals, personal email or Livejournal private messaging may well get you banned, so don't do it.

The rules are posted here. Memorize them. Recite them. Love them. We are dead serious about banning you for the listed offenses, plus any others we can come up with. Troublemaking is fine until it starts threatening the continued existence of the community, so if you do anything that'll attract LJ Abuse's attention, you're gone.

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